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Projectors and Projection ScreensProjectors and Projection Screens
We offer a wide variety of projectors and projection screens for Home Theater, Boardroom, Conference Centre, Retail, Hospitality, Professional and Cinema applications.

Projectors, Front Projection and Rear Projection Screens.

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JLSS manufactures the Airscreen, an outdoor daylight or night time big screen solution for large crowd events. Available in both floor standing and helium filled floating formats, the Airscreen is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.
Branding is available on 4 sides. Custom designs can be manufactured on request.

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With Multitouch Technology taking the world by storm, we are proud to be at the forefront of driving this technology into Africa.

We have been working on Multitouch since 2007 and build customised multitouch tables and walls.

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Touch ScreensTouch Screens
We offer a full range of touch screen solutions from IR Frames to Through Window Touch.

We have the experience required to know which solution is best suited to your requirements.

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Interactive Floors, Walls and BarsInteractive Floor and Bar
JLSS has developed an Interactive Software Suit that can be used to create impressive floor and bar interactive projections. With a customisable overlay portfolio of over 100 animations, we have a wide selection to choose from.
The software is available for purchase in modules allowing you to create your own portfolio.

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New Range of Multitouch Tables and Walls:

In October 2011, we launched our new range of Multitouch Tables and Walls. All of these units offer Full Multitouch functionality runnind on a Core i5, 4GB Ram, 320GB HDD and Win 7 Pro.

Multitouch WallMultitouch TableMultitouch Table

New Multitouch Tables

These units are avaliable in various designs and finishes.

The pricing on the advert is in South African Rands. The following USD pricing is based on an exchange rate of
R 8.00 to the Dollar.

Priced From:
32" Full HD, Multitouch Table @ USD 5,250
4 2" Full HD, Multitouch Table @ USD 5,875
46" Full HD, Multitouch Table @ USD 6,250
55 " Full HD, Multitouch Table @ USD 7,375












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